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Dental Bridges Nanaimo DentistsA larger percentage of people have a gap in between their teeth. That is why your confidence in smiling may not be as high as it should be. But you can still get back the confidence you lost. We are here to help. Our Nanaimo dentists are professionals and knowledgeable in giving you the dental care that you need including the use of dental bridges.

Why Should You Replace Your Missing Tooth or Teeth With Dental Bridges?

One of the main reasons why replacing your missing tooth is a must is because you want to look good, especially when you smile. When you have a gap between your teeth, you can lose your confidence. Another reason is that you want to maintain proper and comfortable biting. The spaces between your teeth can alter the way you bite your lower and upper teeth together. Aside from that, a gap can also give you gum diseases and tooth decay because of the foods getting stocked in the gaps.

Can I Use a Dental Bridge When I Missed a Tooth?

Our Nanaimo dentists provide free dental consultation. So, if you want to determine if you are capable of dental bridge procedure, we are here to help and only a phone call away.Nanaimo Dentists Dental Bridges

If you have only one missing tooth, we will probably recommend a partial dental bridge. If you multiple missing teeth we will suggest a full Dental Bridge.  During a consultation, we will also check if your remaining teeth are strong enough to hold the bridge. Our Nanaimo dentist will inspect and evaluate the condition of your teeth and their bones.

What Materials Are Dental Bridge Made Of?

Our Nanaimo dental clinic will provide you with a wide range of material options that will be used in making your dental bridges. These include porcelain materials, gold materials, and silver materials. We will give you the freedom to choose between these materials. But there is nothing for you to worry about since all of them can make you look more attractive. As a result, you can smile with confidence.

How Much Will A Dental Bridge Cost?

In our dental clinic, the price rate for every dental bridge we made will always depend upon the type and size of the bridge. But even though most of the dental bridges are expensive, rest assured that you will not regret anything.

How Do I Look with my Dental Bridge?

Nanaimo Dental Bridges CostUpon attaching the dental bridges on your teeth, rest assured that you will look as if you are wearing your real tooth. To maintain its good look, we will provide you with special floss or bridge needles. These tools will help you to clean your bridge

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